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  • 230,794.2 PLN raised capital
  • Project
  • 231 investors
  • 399,999.6 PLN share issue objective
  • 10.88 % equity on offer
  • 32.76 PLN stock price
  • 12,210 no. of stocks
  • 10.05.2018 end date
  • 50,024 PLN minimum threshold

Invest in Kunagone. A guard of car and house.

Become a shareholder of Kunagone S.A.! Support us in building a global product that solves the problem of the presence and damages of wild animals (especially marten) in our daily lives. Thanks to you, we will build a strong position on the Polish market and increase our activities on the international arena.

Additional bonuses

By investing in Kunagone S.A. you will join the group of shareholders of the Company, which is offering an effective, original and unique product, of which we are the only producer. Become part of our project and you will receive from us the following bonuses:

from 2 shares

Buying 2 shares you get:

  • invitation to the general meeting of shareholders
  • gift package with our products worth 12 PLN gross
from 15 shares

Buying 15 shares you get:

  • invitation to the general meeting of shareholders
  • 10%* discount in the online store for all products
  • a gift pack with our products worth 50 PLN gross
from 40 shares

Buying 40 shares you get:

  • invitation to the general meeting of shareholders
  • 15%* discount in the online store for all items
  • a gift package with our products worth 100 PLN gross
from 80 shares

Buying 80 shares you get:

  • invitation to the general meeting of shareholders
  • 20%* discount in the online store for all products
  • a gift package worth 100 PLN gross
from 150 shares

Buying 150 shares you get:

  • invitation to the general meeting of shareholders
  • 25%* discount in the online store for all products
  • XXL gift package worth 200 PLN gross
from 1000 shares

Buying 1000 shares you get

  • everything you would get when buying 150 shares
  • invitation for a joint trip with us for a two-day trade fair in Poland **

* Lifetime discount, monthly shopping limit is 500 PLN gross

** we show up at various fairs in Poland, eg Retro Motor Show in Poznań, Offroad Show in Warsaw, Moto Show in Nadarzyn. Together, we'll decide which trade fair you want to go with us. We provide accommodation, meals and admission to the banquet for exhibitors.


  1. APRIL


    In April 2015, we created the Woodson brand, which includes an eco-friendly firestarter (eko-ognisko) and a garden candle, and we started selling to foreign markets.



    At the end of 2015, the sales of Woodson products were constantly growing. We signed a key contract with Biedronka for seasonal deliveries of firestarter. This allowed us to build experience in the sale of this type of products.



    The success of the eko-ognisko meant that we started looking for new products capable of achieving similar results. The result of our exploration was the marten repellent - Kunagone. We enthusiastically started to test it in practice and refine the recipe.

  4. JUNE


    During the work on Kunagone, the Woodson brand continued to grow. Our range has increased by further large retail chains, including Piotr i Paweł, Orlen, Twój Market and MAJSTER.



    By the end of 2016, we have completed work on the Kunagone product and brand. We finalized the repellent composition and developed a visual identification of the packaging and the website.

  6. MARCH


    We applied Kunagone as an invention to the Polish Patent Office and introduced the product to the market. During the first six months, we sold 8,000 units with little commitment. We have started cooperation with Auto Partner SA.



    Thanks to the existing sales network, we have introduced Kunagone to the Carrefour chain stores (first order up to 90 stores) and MAJSTER (40 stores in the south of Poland).

    We have started preparations for the public stock issue in cooperation with Beesfund, which will allow further development of sales. We predict that in the case of a successful stock issue, Kunagone will grow into our sales leader within a year.

    We set up company Kunagone S.A. We have transferred all assets and rights related to the Kunagone product to it. We originally operated and sold the product through BBTB Group Sp. z o.o.

About the product

Kunagone is an innovative marten and other wild animals repellent. Compare to our competitors our product stands out with a lower price, simplicity of action and efficiency. The product consists of a mixture of dog hair, a sharp lavender scent and wax, which is extending the action.

Simple to use

Trouble-free, self-assembly. Use under the car bonnet or in the attic.

It does not consume energy

The product does not require any batteries or electricity.

Long-term action

The bag releases fragrance for 24 hours a day, up to half a year!

Natural terror

A specific blend of dog fur effectively repels marten.

More information on our website:

Protection against boars

At the end of February, we received confirmation from fourteen independent sources about the repellent effect of the product on wild boars. What is important - the same composition (the same mixture) as on marten, works on wild boar. The product under name "Papadzik" was tested in the Masovian and Warmian-Masurian voivodships in areas where wild boars occurrence. A group of 14 people participated in the test, including members of the hunting clubs. Tests lasted from 3 to 5 months. In all of the cases, despite previous regular visits, the wild boars did not enter the area of product-protected areas.

Product development

We do not stop at repelling martens. We receive many suggestions from customers to test our mix on other animals that cause damage in people habitat. The effectiveness of the current mixture has been confirmed against martens and boars. We are currently working on checking whether the same fragrance will work on moles, voles, mice, rats, and also on gray squirrels in the US and possums in Australia. The next steps will be tests of effectiveness against such animals as a cat, beaver, otter, fox, as well as skunks, coyotes (in the USA).

Establishing cooperation with the Institute of Environmental Sciences of the Jagiellonian University and starting in the Grant for innovation will strongly contribute to product development.


The scale of the problem in numbers

In Poland alone, there are around 70,000 monthly queries on Google about the problems with martens. In Germany, it is estimated that martens cause more than 200,000 damage annually in the cars only. Compensation paid out for this by insurers exceed 60 million EUR! Martens cause damages also to attics, and the losses on this may reach much larger amounts than in the case of cars.

Direct Selling

The recipients of Kunagone can be any type of retail and wholesale points - stores (from supermarkets to stores with parts), car workshops, gas stations, garden centers and others. It is also possible to sell directly via the Internet. Such a large number of channels allows us to easily reach the customer.

The percentage of re-orders from existing customers is 30%. So many customers returned to us in a short time with a second order. Some of them renewed the order several times. This is a good forecast for the future. We receive a lot of positive feedback from distributors, sellers and customers.

Kunagone as an advertising gadget

An important sales segment is gadget version of the product. We have already found the first customers - vehicle inspection stations and car sales agencies. In the future, insurers, car dealers, automotive companies may become the customers for the gadget.

Market in numbers

22 million

in Poland

5 million

single-family houses
in Poland

20 500

Kunagone pieces sold in 2017

121 000

pieces expected sales in 2018

Why is it worth investing?

For three years, we have been working hard and successfully to make the value of our businesses. We increase revenues, we sell more and more products to a wider range of clients. Our experience gained in everyday work will directly translate into the effectiveness of activities at Kunagone S.A.

Proven product

We made precise tests of our product and reported Kunagone as an invention in the Polish Patent Office. In the future, we plan to expand the patent application worldwide.

Global potential of the product

Kunagone was purchased by our partners in Belgium and the Czech Republic. We received re-order from a customer from Belgium only two weeks after the first delivery. Our products can be successfully sold all over Europe and at a later stage around the world.

Existing sales network

Our team has experience and sales contacts acquired during several years of running eko-ognisko (woodosn firestarter) activities. You can already buy our repeller practically all over Poland:

Verified demand

We have already acquired many promising business partners. We are directly present in the "Carrefour" chain, "Majster" supermarkets and over 150 smaller retail outlets. To this you must add points, which are supported by our distributors: Autopartner S.A. and Platinum Oil Wielkopolskie Centrum Dystrybucji Sp. z o.o .. In the near future, we plan to expand the group of distributors with Intercars S.A. - negotiations are ongoing.

Source: company’s own data

Source: GDV

The purpose of the investment and our plans

With your help, we want to gain the largest share in the Polish market through the development of sales. We will continue to improve the product, as well as introduce modifications and related products that repels other wild animals.

Further development of Kunagone

Before we start large-scale sales, we will refine several elements. We will expand the patent application worldwide (March 2018) and work out the final form of product packaging (the premium version is also included in the plan).

On the Polish market, we plan to obtain the PZH certificate so that customers will have no doubts about the safety and hygiene of the product.

Extending the range

We will directly reach the largest supermarket chains in Poland. Our priority is Jeronimo Martins Polska and the Biedronka chain of stores, as well as other networks operating on the domestic market. To achieve this goal, we intend to use the relationships developed by providing Woodson products. An important sales channel will also be gas stations. At the moment we cooperate with Orlen stations, but we will develop this segment with more stations.

The development of online sales

We will strongly promote the product on the internet on the Polish market. We care about the largest possible direct sales due to high margins. For this purpose, it will be necessary to spend money on promotion and advertising on the Internet, targeting to the store

Expansion to foreign markets

On foreign markets, we want to act mainly through distributors, which we will look for at international fairs and distributors we have acquired so far (in the process of selling Woodson products).

We have already managed to interest our partners from Belgium and the Czech Republic, but we will not stop there. By selling Woodson products, we cooperate with partners from Israel, the Netherlands, England, Germany and Switzerland and we will strive to expand cooperation with them for a new product.

The development of new products

As of today, we are confident about the effectiveness of the product in the deterrence of martens. Our development plans, however, go much further. We test the current version of the product against wild boars and other wild animals (also in the USA and Australia). We want to extend the offer of repellent to animals such as moles, voles, foxes and others. In November 2017, we sold a test batch of 700 pieces of the product under the name "Papadzik".

Obtaining EU funds

We are in the middle of discussions with the Institute of Environmental Sciences of the Jagiellonian University, which aim is to take part in the Grant for innovation. The Grant will give the Company the opportunity to refund 85% of the funds spent on research and development (in our case it is especially about the services of a scientific unit). The maximum reimbursement amount to be refunded is 400,000 PLN (85% reimbursed). Recruitment starts at the end of March and will last until November. Our goal is to submit the application as soon as possible and start work as soon as possible - scientific research that will allow us for further development of the product in terms of effectiveness.


Kunagone S.A. negotiates a contract with Dino Polska S.A. We will soon start cooperation with the test order of Kunagone and Woodson products for 10 stores (the whole chain is over 700 stores). In March, we signed a contract with the Polska Grupa Drogeryjna, through which our products will go to smaller chainstores like "Zachęta" and "Jan".

In both cases, the contracts include deliveries not only of the Kunagone product, but also of the Woodson brand products.



Artur Olejniczak

Co-founder and board member of Kunagone S.A, CEO and co-owner of BBTB Group Sp. z o.o .. Initiator. Most new ideas are born in his head. An economist by profession, passionate trader. He has the most experience from the entire team in sales and cooperation with large retail chains. High interpersonal skills. High knowledge of production and ERP.

Maciej Jeleń

Co-founder and board member of Kunagone S.A, CEO of Greenfire Sp. z o.o., co-owner and member of the supervisory board of BBTB Group Sp. z o.o .. Calm and composed, which he uses on a daily basis when negotiating with suppliers or banks. A lawyer by education - knowledge in this field allows him to provide efficient legal and administrative services for companies. An enthusiast of sports competition, which he changes into professional competition with age.

Magdalena Więcek

Co-founder and member of the supervisory board of Kunagone SA, co-owner and member of the supervisory board of BBTB Group Sp. z o.o .. A graduate of the University of Physical Education in Katowice. Organizer. He will always take care of every detail and will not forget anything. On a daily basis, it is irreplaceable support in the sales process. Responsible for marketing matters and trade fair trips. Very helpful also in production processes - what, how and where to improve, to go faster, better, more efficiently.

Mariusz Wasik

A graduate of Finance and Accounting at the University of Economics in Katowice and Automotive Technology at the Opole University of Technology. Co-founder and member of the supervisory board of Kunagone S.A, co-owner and chairman of the supervisory board of BBTB Group Sp. z o.o. and vice-chairman of the supervisory board of Greenfire Sp. z o.o. Passionate about motoring professionally connected with the industry for 10 years. From the whole team the most experienced in business. He played an invaluable role in the Kunagone tests in cars and attics. Responsible for internal audit, helps to avoid mistakes. Careful, balanced and factual.

Bartosz Jeleń

Member of the Supervisory Board of Greenfire Sp. z o.o.. Born originator. A lawyer and cultural expert by education. The creator of the Woodson and Kunagone brands. He constantly watches over her "children", perfecting them and bringing new ideas. Mine of marketing knowledge. Our guide to the world of advertising, design and related fields.

Equal chances

We employ disabled people. Both in the production of Kunagone and Woodson simpler works are partly done by the disabled. We give work to people who have difficulty finding their place in the labor market.


Frequently Asked Questions

The valuation was carried out by several methods, and the final value of the Company is their average. If you want to ask for more details, please contact us directly or ask questions in the "Discussion" section.

The campaign is being carried out in cooperation with, which has already organized many similar issues as a leader of share crowdfunding in Poland. It is very important from your perspective to know that the organization of the shares is reported to the Polish Financial Supervision Authority and meets all formal requirements.

The risk of incurring a loss always exists, but if we implement the assumptions and develop the company in accordance with the plan, you will earn on the increase in the value of the shares and / or on the dividend paid out.

Your earnings are associated with our earnings. For three years we have been working hard to make the value of our businesses grow and we do it effectively. We increase revenues, we sell more and more products to a wider range of clients. Our experience gained in everyday work in the BBTB Group Sp. z o.o. and Greenfire Sp. z o.o., will directly translate into the effectiveness of actions at Kunagone S.A.

Definitely yes. If business develops in line with the business plan, we are ready to pay dividends as early as at the end of 2019.

Yes - according to the law, shares can be resold at your own discretion. For this purpose, you must sign a regular civil law contract and report the sale to the company.

There are no obligations associated with being a co-owner and holding shares. In accordance with the provisions of the Code of Commercial Companies, once a year the company will organize an Ordinary General Meeting of Stockholders, to which we will send invitations. The presence is not obligatory, but we will gladly hear you and discuss all observations, conclusions, remarks and ideas.

No, it's not necessary to meet with notary. After the stock issue is completed, the subscription of shares by new shareholders is registered in the National Court Register, and the share documents are sent by post directly to the investors.

Funds. We have organized production, appropriate know-how and production and storage facilities. We need funds for development and sales support. We will employ a field trader who will run the so-called van selling. We will invest in online advertising to make the product recognizable. It is also very important to extend the patent application worldwide.

We want to hire an additional person responsible for marketing. We do not want to outsource this work. In the case of Kunagone, this is a key aspect of product sales.

To meet the basic goals, we need 250,000 PLN. We plan to invest a surplus in promoting the product on the Internet and classical media, which will contribute to a much faster increase in sales.

This will slow down the product and business development process. However, this will not reduce our enthusiasm and will not stop us. We will continue to do what we do every day. Without your resources, business will grow in an organic way. We went through this with Woodson products and know how to do it. With your help, however, we can achieve more and faster.

This is one of the more frequently asked questions. The answer is very simple. We obtain hair from groomers' salons. We have a well-developed system of hair extensions from these points. There is no harm done to the dogs.